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Honest Review; PROS AND CONS Tanya Burr Lips and Nails

So here is my review! I ordered one of each products to try; nail polish and lip gloss and I've quite mixed reviews to be honest.
So Tanya Burr a makeup artist and beauty Guru on YouTube released her first line of makeup with FeelUnique.com just this month and I thought I would review the products.

So I ordered this on Feb 1st and it was supposed to take 2-7 days to get to me, but I received nothing or any emails from the company. So I contacted FeelUnique and they said it was because their products weren't available and that they were having problems. Anyways 2 days later this arrived, so no complaining I guess!

You can purchase and browse Tanya's products Here

First thought; so the packaging is great! It comes in a box that folds out and is wrapped in a cellophane wrapping so it doesn't really get ruined/break or anything like that in the post. 

The two products I purchased a lipgloss and nail polish, both in a similar vibrant orange/red colour.

Price: 5.99 (Pounds)
Mischief Managed- A bright orange red polish
(Apologises for terribly painted and uncleaned nails!)
I painted my nails very quickly and I have to say the polish is great! It averagely takes about 20 minutes to fully dry. After one week I will post a review on how well they held up with chipping.

The packaging is incredibly similar to Chanel's Le Vernis, with the double lid and grip which is interesting as Tanya does talk a lot about Chanel nail polishes. Personally this feature is a pain because it was very difficult for me to open the polish as it kept getting stuck and then sticking to the actual lid. 
The Chanel one isn't a problem as it is very smooth and well made.
A simple design would have been more convenient for her nail polish packaging. 

Lipgloss Price: 6.99 (pounds)
Colour: Lets Travel the world (What an amazing name!) 

The packaging is great and reminded me again of Chanel's glossimers. I know I really shouldn't compare it to something high end when it isn't, but there is a similarity in packaging.when I opened it i was disappointed because when i swatched it, it wasn't liquidy and felt very sticky! It was also not true to colour like the nail polish. But when I put it on my lips it wasn't sticky and you can easily pair it with a lipstick. 
It is quite long lasting, so thats a plus. For the price you pay, I have to say you can most likely find something in the drugstore that is better, but for  a first line product, it isn't too bad. If you hate any type of sticky products, this most likely isn't for you.

As you can see, not very true to colour at all, but if you like sheer glosses and sticky glosses, this is probably your jam!

Service from feel unique; 3/5 stars
Delays and no emails, were a bit frustrating. However her line is in demand and they shipped it quickly after.

Packaging; 3/5 stars
The box was great, the lipgloss packaging was great and so was the tube but honestly the nail polish one wasn't. That being said it functions well, with the brush applicator and the nail polish formula is good.

Price for product; 3/5 stars
The price is great, meeting at the drugstore, but I felt like maybe the products didn't overall reflect the price and I feel like other drugstore brands have better products that I would have bought over this. Overall it is affordable, but the price you are paying for this type of product, doesn't reflect very well.

Lip Gloss; 3/5
It isn't true to colour. The gloss packaging is great, but the product inside, which is what I am paying for isn't. It is quite sticky and the colour isn't what I thought it would be from the packaging. Saying that it doesn't feel too sticky on the lips and lasts well, but it's just not my type of lip product.

Nail Polish; 4/5
The colour is opaque in just one coat and dries pretty well! I still have to test out how well it lasts with chipping and breaking. But so far it is very good with the formula and quality. However the packaging is a pain!

Overall; Would I buy again?
Honestly with lip glosses, no I wouldn't. The nail polishes I don't think I would either, unless the packaging changed.


  1. Hey, If you want a lip gloss, similar to the shade of 'Lets Travel the World', which is true to colour and not sticky at all, why not try out MUA Intense Kisses lip gloss in the shade 'Pucker Up'. It only costs £2 from Superdrug. I love it because It's lasts so long (If I apply it in the morning, It's still their at lunch) and is a really bright red.
    WatermelonWaves034 xx

    1. Hi! Thank you for the suggestion, I have been looking for a shade that was very similar and true to colour, so I will certainly check that out!


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