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Some of the most powerful words

Over the years I have been following the start-ups of popular businesses especially in the technology field. I have mainly followed Mashable, PandoDaily, TED and TechCrunch that provide interviews with upcoming CEOs, CFO's and COO's of companies such as Facebook, Yahoo, Instagram, WhatsApp e.c.t. I found over time, I have learned so much from these interviews and the ways in which they talk and describe their products and created platforms. In this blog I will talk about commencement speeches which I have watched since 2008.

Commencements are probably the best known and seen speeches I can think of. They are given usually to graduating classes and often well known universities will invite a high-profile speaker. Every time I watch a commencement speech by, be it Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Sheryl Sandberg or Oprah Winfrey, I always think, "wow the stories are incredible!"

My grandfather who passed away in 2008, travelled across the world. He lived in Kenya and owned a large car radio company for which he travelled to Japan, Germany, China and several countries where he fixed the radios and parts for wealthy businessmen like Vijay Mallya and travelled in the private jet of the President of Kenya for business. Despite the success he had, he always stayed humble and loved what he did.
My dad would tell me stories of how people would steal or mess with him in Business, but that he was very strong willed. He would always try and help people starting out because it was his nature to never assume someone was less better than him. This struck me hard, because it's very true! It was also a common recipe I found when I watched and heard leaders of large organisations speak, especially in the speeches below.

Here are the speeches

I listened to a speech just yesterday from 2011 by Ferrari Chairman Luca di Montezemelo on YouTube and it is fantastic and funny, it is 100% worth the 47 minutes! It struck me by how human he is!

One story he shared was of how he wanted to meet Ferrari's first client from China. So there came his first client from China to Maranello the home to Ferrari, where they make the cars. Luca asked him if he wanted to test the car, to which the man said "YES!" So off the man and the test driver went around a private track that Ferrari have there. The man drove the whole track in 1st gear and when the test driver came back he told Luca he was scared the engine would blow up. This was because he couldn't change gears for the man who was driving only in 1st gear. Later on the man was ready to eat Chinese food but Luca organised Italian for him, the man was so happy! Luca described him as a very nice man and when he asked the man "Why a Ferrari?" The man said "You see I come from a poor family and one day I will buy a ferrari and I know I will, because I will succeed."
After that Luca said "You know here at ferrari we don't just sell a product, we sell a dream."

Luca di Montezemelo at Stanford Business school

Bill and Melinda Gates at Stanford University
Another very touching speech was that of Bill and Melinda Gates at Stanford University, for their 123rd commencement. They talk about Charity as well as 'Luck' which is "far greater than anything else for success in life."

Ellen DeGeneres at Tulane University
An amazing speech about her early life and struggles and how she got to the place she is now, with a funny as hell speech. "Don't take anybody's advice, so my advice to you is..."

Steve Jobs at Stanford University
This is the man that no doubt changed how we communicate. He had issues early on in life, full of struggles. He got kicked out of his own company and had health issues whilst juggling one of the world's most successful brands; Apple.

Sheryl Sanberg at Harvard University
This is a good one about Women in the workforce and opportunities. Sheryl is the Chief Operating Officer of Facebook and her Net Worth just hit $1bn. She is one of few women in the world, with a 'great' role at such a high power company, perviously working at Google.

Oprah Winfrey at Harvard University
She was asked to speak before at Harvard, but had struggles with her company (OWN; Oprah Winfrey Network) at the time, so she refused to come speak until she turned the boat around and she did just that and then came to speak.

J.K Rowling at Harvard University
One of the first speeches I watched and one that doesn't need much explaining because it really has to be seen and felt.

Conan O'Brien at Darmouth University 
He begins by mocking Dartmouth University, but then gives the Private Ivy league college, reasons of everything it should be proud of. It was a very compelling speech!

Stephen Colbert at Northwestern University
One about dreams, a really good one too!
"Imagine if everyone got their first dream, the world would be riddled with cowboys and princesses. But thankfully dreams can change."

Key Things I learned

1. Luck is a key part
Where you grow up, who are your parents, what you do and who you meet

2. Passion for the product/ people
You gotta love what you do, it's as simple as that because you will pay more attention to it

3. Hard times will come
The struggles are what make people stronger and teach some of the greatest lessons

4. Stay humble and focused
Distractions can be killer and being focused can give a third eye to what your goal

5. What's meant to be will be
It will teach more than it will break you, or maybe make you a millionaire

6. People will always criticise
You have a choice, to listen or not to

7. Dreams can change
Thank god they can otherwise "The Universe would be riddled with cowboys and princesses."- Stephen Colbert

8. Don't take someone else's path
"Follow your path, unless you're in the woods and you're lost"- Ellen DeGeneres

9. Suffering
Melinda Gates said "You will see suffering and when you do, don't turn around. Because that's when change is born."

10. Change
Like Sheryl Said "Those that believe they can change the world often do"

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