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Paola Ruiz talks Amber Lounge Show, The Code 20, F1 & More!

So for many of you that don't know, on my previous blog, I had been interviewing many women from Formula One paddock and Paola Ruiz was one. I have now moved to my new site to share interviews again. 
Paola is the gorgeous girlfriend of Mexican F1 driver; Esteban Gutierrez who drives for the Sauber F1 Team. With them, I have also been covering races for the team, which can be found on http://www.youtube.com/saubermotorsport.
Her style, personality and makeup was something I was so drawn to! We talked previously more in-depth about fashion and travel and that can be found here.

Paola and boyfriend Esteban Gutierrez (Source: Zimbo)
This time, I wanted to talk more about the Glamour of Monaco, The Amber Lounge Charity Catwalk show & The exclusive 'The Code 20' parties that happen around the F1 weekend. Amber Lounge is one of the most exclusive events that happens during the Monaco Grand Prix. 
Several celebrities and high profile guests come together, including the Prince Albert and Princess Charlene of Monaco for the charity show. Selected F1 drivers and their girlfriends take part, this year Paola took part for the first time and Esteban also walked the catwalk for a second time.

Paola walking the Amber Lounge show (Source: Motorsport.com)

The women of F1 walking the Amber Lounge catwalk (Source: Motorsport.com)

Questions about Amber Lounge/ Monaco

How did you like Monaco, and what are your impressions?
Paola: "It was my first time there so I had a excellent first impression. The view was amazing everywhere and it is such a small place, that everyone knows each other so it feels cozy to be around! Would definitely love to visit there often in the summer."

Monaco skyline (Source: Skyscrapercity.com)
Were you nervous walking for the Amber Lounge show the first time?
Paola: "Fortunately, I was not, but there was an unexplainable feeling that began to dominate me at the moment and I went crazy along with Emilia and Chloe. We danced, we sang, hahaha it was a really fun time."

The colour setting for the show, this was from another Amber Lounge event

Left to right: Max Chilton, Chloe Roberts, Esteban Gutierrez & Paola Ruiz (Source: Zimbo)
Were you able to pick your dress, or was it pre-decided by designers?
Paola: "We were able to pick our dress, Tough choice!! Amazing designs by Julien Macdonald and Melissa Odabash."

The women of F1 that walked the 2014 Charity Catwalk show
The Men of this year. Left to right: Jules Bianchi, Esteban Gutierrez, Max Chilton, Daniil Kvayt, Marcus Ericsson, Adrian Sutil, Daniel Ricciardo & Jean-Eric Vergne (Source: Zimbo)
Do you send time with any of the girls in the paddock or talk with them?
Paola: "I usually spend time with family members around the paddock, but in Monaco spent time with Emilia."

Emilia Pikkarainen and Paola Ruiz in Monaco during the F1 Monaco Grand Prix 2014 (Source: XPB Images)
What was your experience like at the Amber Lounge show?
Paola: "It was truly and AMAZING experience. Hard to describe. A lot of mixed feelings running around backstage, but personally one of my most incredible nights. It was always a bucket list of Esteban and I to share a runway together and of course it was a pleasure to share with the rest of the girls."

Esteban walking the runway
Esteban and Paola (Source: Zimbo)
The Code 20
The Code 20 are a set of exclusive parties that take place during certain grand prix weekends, like Amber Lounge. Paola has attended and let me know about them! 

What makes the Code 20 parties unique?
Paola: 'Code 20 parties are always fun to attend. They really throw the house out the window, with the decorations, the music and of course the guests."

Paola and Esteban entering The Code 20 Party (Source: The Code 20)

Inside of The Code 20 Party (Source: The Code 20)
What are your favourite memories of being around F1 this year or last year?
Paola: "Definitely Austin!! There were so many friends and family around that they all made our stay very pleasant. We also gave Esteban positive vibes and had nice times chatting over dinner. It was a unique experience since it was my first F1 race, so that is always full of thrill and adventures."

Paola in the Sauber Garage during the Qualifying session for the American Grand Prix 2013

Paola in the paddock during the F1 American Grand Prix 2014
Additional Beauty questions, many people from last time requested these:

Your hair is always perfect, what kind of products do you use?
Paola: "You are so kind. I usually like using natural hair products for example those that contain Argon oil or Moroccan oil. My personal favourite is called One 'n only Argon Oil treatment." 
Paola doing a photoshoot (Source: Colaboraciones)

Do you colour your hair or is it naturally like that?
Paola: "It is a natural hair dye that when exposed to the sun goes even blonder."

What are your staple (must have) beauty products?
Paola: "A facial cream to use in the morning an before I go to sleep, my Neutrogena makeup remover wipes, A hair spray that makes your hair shine and had a lovely odour, and most importantly mascara."

What is your favourite makeup look?
Paola: "Everything and Anything that looks natural and effortless, I don’t enjoy dark colours of eye shadows and preferably choose a tan blush."

Do you have any style icons?
"My style icon is my Mom and Olivia Palmero."

Olivia Palermo is actually one of my favourite style icons too, not a surprise that I therefore also love Paola's style!
She is a New York blogger and socialite who is always elegantly dressed with a fashion-forward edge.

Check out some of Olivia's style below!
(Source: Pinterest.com)

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