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F1 Jennifer Becks INTERVIEW!

Once again, I interviewed Jennifer Becks by popular demand. She is the girlfriend of F1 driver Adrian Sutil of the Sauber F1 team. Today we talked about Travel, Amber Lounge and much more!

1. I see you went to Canada, were you able to see Whales and other animals?
Yes indeed, we went to Vancouver Island where we were able to see whales (including mothers and their calves), bears, eagles, see lions and many more. It was incredible and definitely not our last visit. I was hoping to see Orcas, my most favorite animals in the world, but I didn't - so another reason to go back!

2. Are there other places you have been this year where you have been inspired and drawn to nature?
We've stayed in Australia after the first GP this year. We got to see the Blue Mountains (close to Sydney), spent some days in the rainforest and  at the Great Barrier Reef - which was an unforgettable week. We got to see wild crocodiles, turtles, plenty of fish - and a shark :) 

3. You took part in Amber Lounge last year, how was it different this year?
There was a big difference because the setup was completely new. This year it took place inside and the catwalk was really very short. To be honest, I preferred the show last year, but still it was a lot of fun and exceptionally for me to take part in it again.

4. I see you were with many other women like Camille & Chloe, do you get time to talk to each other in the paddock? 
Of course we talk to each other whenever we see each other (in or outside the paddock). 
Before the Amber Fashion show started we all sat together, had our hair and makeup done... It was fun. 

5. What was the process like for the dress, did you get to choose it?
On Thursday, one day before the show, we were allowed to see the dresses and choose the one we like. I'm not used to do things like that so it has been a nice experience to walk into a room with plenty of dresses hanging around and waiting to be picked by a girl :)

6. Were you nervous beforehand and what was the experience like this time?
Of course I was nervous, this was my second time on a catwalk ever, but the atmosphere was good and we had fun backstage, so it was not too bad. I think I was more nervous the year before. And as I said before, the catwalk was so short that it all went by (almost too) quick. 

7. Amber Lounge is a wonderful charity show, that helps many. Is this a reason you took part?
Exactly! Sonya Irvine is such a wonderful person and every year she is working hard to collect as much money as possible. I am very happy that I can "help" her and the charity project by just walking up and down a catwalk. Things can be easy sometimes. 

8. Monaco is highly glamorous, were you able to go to other events on the friday or was it all strictly work?
Unfortunately we were not able to go anywhere beside the fashion show. But wherever you go to in Monaco, there is a big show going on during the time of the GP. 
On Sunday, after the GP we had a nice dinner with friends and went to the Casino. We gambled for an hour which was fun. But beside that everything else was work. 

9. How many airplanes do you roughly catch in a year with the amount of travel you do? (Random one but one that was sent to me)
That's a tough question, I've never tried to count the flights but we really do spend plenty of hours at the airport and on a plane. Roughly I would say 50-60 flights per year.

Just to get a slight idea of the travel involved here is this year's F1 race calendar without trips home!

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