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A Letter to Camille Marchetti

Dear Camille,
Firstly I don't know if you will ever read this...

"For those that don't know Camille Marchetti is the girlfriend of F1 driver Jules Bianchi, who 2 weeks ago suffered a horrific crash at the Japanese Grand Prix and remains in a critical condition. It is incredibly sad what has happened to him and the pain that not only Jules is facing, but his whole family, his friends, Camille and the Marussia F1 Team, who he has been driving with for 2 years. All I can say is that fans, drivers and the whole F1/ Motorsport community and more have him in their/our thoughts. I too hope for positive news soon and the one thing I can do in these difficult times is to send my wishes, prayers and keep him in my thoughts.

From what I have seen, Jules is an incredible talent, but more than that... I have heard he is an extremely genuine and kind person. I have been told and read many fan stories from Tumblr about how many fans have met him and were so happy... because he made them happy! We would never wish this to happen to anyone, but the fact that it has happened to someone you can't imagine someone else disliking, makes it even harder to understand. He is known to be a super likeable person around the paddock and in general.

At the beginning of this year, I interviewed Camille, which you can find here. She is honestly one of the nicest people I have talked to online. She made my days over this year, with short sweet replies to things I Instagram or Tweeted. Although I do not know her personally, her personality, soul, genuine kindness and happiness really comes across! This quote really reminds me of her:

A Unique Beauty
Camille Marchetti
I can't even begin to imagine how difficult this is for the family, friends, Camille, the team and the fact there was a race just one week later. It's a lot to digest in a short space of time, even for a fan like me. I can. However I can say it was incredibly touching to see so many drivers tweet about it, add stickers to their helmets and cars as well as stand in a closed circle with arms around each other in Russia, with a message to Jules written on the track. You don't often think of F1 as an emotional sport, but it shows everyone is a real human being, no matter how much success they've had and several drivers were very hurt and sad, knowing that many of them were friends with him as well. I hope and pray that he will recover, because a bright future awaits him. Not just with motorsport, but a beautiful life in general and he is a fighter, he will fight through this.

To Camille, I send you lots of love, strength and hugs and I know that you will stay strong! Everybody is thinking of Jules and as you may have seen from all the people tweeting you, we also have you in our thoughts as well. I hope that better days will come very soon for you and the Bianchi family.

I also wanted to mention #DressforJules which happened on October 7th. Grace Wilkinson came up with the idea that we F1 Fans would wear red for Jules to keep him in our thoughts after what happened. Thousands of fans took part around the world, as well as celebrities and magazines reporting on it. It was very successful, but also very touching to see how much support there is for Jules! I remember taking part in something very similar for Michael Schumacher and it just shows how strong the community is!

Thousands of people took part!
I found these quotes, and I know they might be a bit cheesy but I really do love them and think they are super positive and uplifting.

It will all get better 
Stay strong Camille! I am always here thinking about you and sending you lots of love and strength. Along with of course hoping the best for Jules and hearing some positive news.

Chandni x

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